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Reducing energy waste and opex in commercial buildings
with software as a service and smart devices


We are at the beginning of a new era. Energy efficiency is one of the key actions areas we can embrace immediately to dramatically cut CO2 emissions and diminish the harmful impact of Climate Change.

Industry does not have to rely on the sustainability benefits of energy efficiency nor the brand enhancement opportunities of going low Carbon. Adopting energy efficiency simply makes good business sense. Out of all of the clean technologies, energy efficiency has in most cases the fastest return on investment (ROI) period and potential for the most significant and immediate financial cost savings.

Our methodology is simple. We provide the technology and support services to help streamline and reduce energy consumption and shrink your Carbon footprint. We offer bespoke, commercially enticing packages and an excellent return on investment.


“Shields are installing different retro fit energy efficiency technologies across our estate that are achieving significant Carbon savings with a very aggressive ROI period. The team at Shields have a 'can do' attitude and an innovative approach; a detailed understanding of energy saving technologies and a commitment to helping us achieve our Carbon reduction targets”

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Our solution

Delivering energy and opex savings to customers with large estates


Providing powerful insight into the behaviour of commercial buildings


Reducing costs and optimising energy usage over the long term

Analytics as a Service

Translating complex algorithms into practical onsite actions