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Can You Talk to Your Commercial Properties on Zoom in the Same Way You Can a Colleague?

Our CEO Dan Shields believes you can. He explains how Digital technologies are enabling building owners and operators to manage their buildings from afar.

2020 has been a year like no other and industry has responded with a boom in digital business practices. But what happened to the field engineers who need to be on-site? Those whose sole purpose is to inspect, maintain and manage building assets such as pumps and chillers, HVAC and refrigeration units. What happened to these teams, can you talk to a building on zoom like a colleague?

Yes, you can… ok, sort of.

Remote management and site maintenance have been made possible for our clients when they were in lockdown. The surge in IoT technologies is truly paving the way for a new facilities and asset maintenance routine.

Businesses and facilities management companies offering maintenance and asset management services that adopt IoT technologies like Shields Energy’s CODA system can become more proactive for their clients, manage more sites and more systems remotely and at a greatly reduced operational cost.

Industry has seen the operational and financial benefits from digitising the processes for office staff, now it is time to reap the rewards by implementing digital technologies for field engineers, maintenance teams and building operators.

Our cloud-based IoT CODA solution is powering businesses ability to remotely maintain and manage the built environment. CODA goes a step further than traditional remote BMS or remote IoT devices, it allows users to create a digital representation of the building(s) and assets within them – a digital twin.

Owners and operators can visually see and virtually walk through their buildings through the CODA software platform. They can access each room, floor and each asset within the building. Real-time data advises them of the current conditions, how assets are operating, the internal environmental conditions and the energy consumption.

CODA has transformed the way businesses manage and operate their real-estate. CODA is a client’s digital consultant – consulting in real-time on building activities and allowing operators to remotely make changes to improve conditions, operations and energy consumption and carbon emissions.

CODA also assists with health and safety practices as well as internal air quality control. Real-time data and alerts manage people flow, internal environmental conditions and infectious disease control. It can monitor and manage occupancy and ensures businesses are COVID-secure.

CODA also features, a Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, which allows for an asset such as a meter, HVAC system, lift, distribution board, gas cut off valve, water cut off valve, fire equipment to be tagged and geo-located on the CODA platform and located within the digital twin – a visual representation of the building/asset.

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