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Coda Helps Our Clients Become NetZero Leaders

NetZero, in its simplest explanation, is all about balance. Balance between emissions produced and emissions taken out of the atmosphere. Simple? Not quite…

If we, as a country, are to get to the magic zero then we all need to play our part and the UK Government’s pledge to get to NetZero by 2050 is the responsibility on every business’s shoulders. The good news is it doesn’t need to be difficult for businesses to achieve, but it does require effort and investment in time to necessitate fundamental changes.

NetZero at its purest requires businesses to eliminate carbon emissions and many will find if they don’t they will find it increasingly difficult to access finance and win new business if they fail to take demonstrable steps to decarbonise. However, against this backdrop, the good news is that at Shields we can help you play your part and enable you to become NetZero leaders in your marketplace. Surely that is a win before you have even started!

The fundamental of any NetZero strategy is efficient energy management (with the focus on measure, manage, improve). Our CODA solution is breaking down barriers in the IoT market and providing second to none analytics that supports NetZero roadmap development.

Connecting building systems and processes to CODA allows for digital representation of what is happening within and outside the building. From knowing the utilities consumption of a building and managing KPIs to reducing consumption and waste, to knowing how a building system such as HVAC and chillers and pumps are operating are all part of a business drive to NetZero. But CODA doesn’t just focus on energy consumption of a building. It also looks at how a building is used, how the people within the building are interacting with the building and the internal space. The way in which we use our built environment has an impact on our road to NetZero.

At Shields Energy we look at all aspects of a business that consume energy and contribute to business carbon footprint and we utilise IoT, cloud software and big data solutions to minimise or eliminate carbon emissions to aid businesses on their journey to NetZero.

The drive to NetZero with our CODA solution can also bring financial savings and data-driven insights, allowing businesses to make decisions, changes in operation and processes as well as eliminate waste. Assisted with improved maintenance regimes, improved internal air quality for building occupiers as well as H&S benefits from occupancy management and asset tracking. All the above culminate in cost savings clients.

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