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Digital Twin

Technology is a tool that we must continue to develop to ensure we keep up to date and find solutions, particularly when it comes to finding the route to NetZero – we all know this but what is really pushing the boundaries for business, tech and the built environment today?

It is innovation. Innovation is crucial to finding the route map to NetZero and is at the heart of everything we do. We have an innovations lab within Shields Energy that allows our team to work together to identify new technological advancements that we can build into our product roadmap and develop into the CODA solution for the benefit of our customers.

As far as innovation goes, our proudest achievement so far…developing digital twin technology.

Could anything be more impressive than the ability to clone assets to support futureproofing and damage limitation? This is not a fantasy; it is a reality with Shields Energy.

The ability to pair the physical world with the digital world allows analysis of data and monitoring of systems to head off problems before they occur and ultimately puts the power in the hands of building owners and operators.

Our digital twin technology is embedded within the CODA cloud software platform, it creates a digital replica of a physical asset such as a machine, piece of equipment, device or even an entire building or estate.

The key elements of the digital twin:

  • providing clients with a digital representation of a single piece of equipment or entire estate/portfolio view.
  • delivering the elements and the dynamics of how the device, equipment, machine or building operates in real-time.

Now owners and operators can visually see and virtually walk through their buildings through the CODA software and Digital Twin technology platform. They can access each room, floor and each asset within the building. Real-time data advises them of the current conditions, how assets are operating, the internal environmental conditions and the energy consumption. All allowing for savings and energy wins to be made.

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