Sewer manhole cover


Fatbergs – disgusting yet fascinating in equal measure. By their very nature, fatbergs slow cities, towns and industry from running smoothly. Plus, they are a costly burden, every year the UK spends about £100m clearing an estimated 300,000 fatbergs. YUCK!

Fatbergs are created from the congealed fats and waste we pour down the sink and flush down the toilet. Yes, disgusting, but it’s not just a big city issue, it’s a problem that affects every town in the UK. There have been reports that there was a fatberg longer than Tower Bridge in the capital’s sewers and even a seaside town with one at 210ft!

IoT from CODA cannot, unfortunately, instil the behavioural change required to stop the development and creation of fatbergs but it can support the detection of fatbergs developing in the first place.

One of the biggest issues is restaurants and bars disposing of fatberg creating waste down their sinks and drains. CODA steps in at this point with sensors and devices on key contributing assets. This then monitors the flow of the produce that is being disposed of in restaurants from the kitchens to the lavatories and everything in between. Alerting to issues and allowing the restaurant to take action to avert the future issue of adding to fatbergs.

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