IoT Global Awards 2019 Shortlisted

IoT Global Awards - More shortlist success!

We made it on the shortlist (again!)…

The international IoT Global Awards has announced its 2019 shortlist and we made it on – twice!

We are delighted to have secured these shortlisting’s for the Global IoT Awards, recognising excellence in IoT innovation. Launched in 2017, and brought to market by the power house brands IoT Now and IoT Global Network, the IoT Global Awards quickly established itself as the benchmark for excellence in IoT.

The categories we have been shortlisted for include “Retail, Marketing and Hospitality” and “Big Data, Cloud and Analytics”. Winners are announced on 11 October 2019…wish us luck!

IoT Global Awards: retail, marketing and hospitality

Energy efficiency and carbon reduction is a key concern for businesses as we increase our efforts to meet global targets for decarbonisation. We are proud to be delivering innovative, cloud-based solutions that enable businesses to reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. In addition, with energy being the third highest overhead cost, the ability to manage efficiency to cut energy costs provides a financial benefit for business also.

CODA streamlines processes, improves efficiency and supports predictive maintenance while also boosting energy efficiency and cost savings. It delivers substantial, and speedy, tangible business benefits from energy to financial savings, maintenance and operational performance.

IoT Global Awards: Big Data, Cloud and Analytics

Providing solutions for businesses to reduce running costs, change operations and reduce their impact on the environment with Digital Twin technology is at the forefront of our business.

It provides clients with a digital representation of a single piece of equipment, machine or entire portfolio. It is a digital replica delivering the elements and dynamics of how they operate in digital format.

The ability to pair the physical world with the digital world allows for monitoring and analysis to head off problems before they occur. Preventing downtime, providing solutions for changes to business operations and processes and opportunities to reduce environmental footprint.

If you are looking to save energy, reduce reactive maintenance and better manage your entire estate please contact us.

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