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Progressive Digital Technologies Help Utility Companies Manage Operational Performance on Unmanned Sites

Across the UK, utility companies have thousands of unmanned sites, each of which houses numerous pieces of essential machinery. To maintain utility services to customers, these machines must operate with 100% uptime. This is where the opportunity for proactive IoT steps in to ensure peak performance and efficiency of remote sites.

Power failures can be a significant issue for unmanned sites, causing inefficiencies, waste, and costly resolutions. To avoid outages, utility companies must have backup generators in place to kick in should a power failure occur. Most of these generators run on 25-minute cycles, however, most power outages are minimal, which results in the generator cycle continuing once the power has been restored. Not only is this wasteful and costly in terms of energy expenditure, but this additional run-time reduces the overall life cycle of the generators, which may result in them having to be replaced more frequently, incurring further costs.

By identifying and rectifying the root cause of power outages, utility companies could optimise the operational performance of their unmanned sites. While power outages by the DNO do occur, failures can sometimes be as a result of on-site surges in power demand or as a result of poorly maintained or incorrectly operated machinery.

CODA, our unique combination of cost-effective monitoring, control and data analytics, can monitor the assets at unmanned sites to pinpoint the issues and provide insights that will allow on-site changes to be made to rectify the problem. In turn, this can reduce the number of power outages and their associated costs. In addition, the implementation of CODAs IoT solutions can provide advanced warning, identifying faults before they create costly issues and ensure business continuity and efficient asset management.

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