Top Tips to Keep Your Cool

Shields Energy’s CEO Dan Shields discusses how businesses can plan ahead for 2019, and get ready to beat the heat (and the cold) with our top tips:

  1. Invest in technology. Install an IoT solution to monitor, meter and manage all equipment from air conditioning to the efficiency of extraction fans and ventilation systems
  2. Check the off switch. Ensure boilers (and other energy intensive systems) are switched off completely when not required.
  3. Link systems together. We often see air conditioning units running at different temperatures and fighting with the heat from over door heaters as well as boilers. Linking systems ensures they all work simultaneously together; in harmony.
  4. Be more practical. Do not leave windows and doors open to the outside when the AC is trying hard to manage internal temperatures. Consider the impact of the open door policy and over door air curtain, and air conditioning systems within the building; ensure they are not trying to cool the high street.
  5. Dress for the occasion. Remember that shoppers, visitors and staff are dressed for the external hot or cool weather conditions so they do not need the retail store or office to be chilled or heated too much. Consider 21C a realistic internal temperature for staff and shoppers.
  6. Consider the water footprint. Water has historically been something of a “forgotten” environmental footprint. Now the onus is on companies to tackle water wastage and consider water retailers in a bid to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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